Detergent & Protectant for
Building Stone, Metal, and FRP

TRIME is the penetrating protecting- and antifouling- agent for porous building stone such as limestone, sandstone, soft stone, terracotta tile, brick and concrete. It is effective in the protection and the prevention of dirt, soil, acid, alkali. Also TRIME is waterproof sealer which you can keep stone's surface clean for last long.

Special detergent for tile, granite and external walls

Powerful efflorescence remover

Smear remover for stone and detergent for external walls

Coating agent for building stone and energy saving glass

Coating agent for chemical floor and wall

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling- agent for building stone

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling-agent for porous building stone

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Penetrating protecting-& antifouling-agent for porous building stone


4 Liter & 16 Liter Penetrating protecting-& antifouling-agent for porous building stone

4 Liter & 16 Liter

Standard usage (No need of undercoat) :
5 to 50 square meter per liter

TRIME Features

Once coated on the surface of porous stone that is apt to get dirty, TRIME penetrates into the material deeply, and works to reinforce the surface effectively.
By forming a thick and water-repellent layer that has exellent weatherability due to a chemical reaction, it keeps rust off the surface, and protects the materials for a long time.
The excellent water- & oil-repellence will help prevent stains and soiling by remaining on the surface, and makes it easy to wash off.
Effective in preventing water absorption out of stone by lowering the absorption rate, and prevents cracking from freezing.
Fine weatherability retained by TRIME enables it to prevent weathering, deteriorating and efflorescence of stone.

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TRIME Applications

Protection of the surface of porous stone such as limestone, sandstone, Towada-ishi, Ohya-ishi (tuff), soft stone, terracotta tile, unglazed tile, brick, concrete etc.
Appearance: Clear and transparent
Ingredient: Special silicone
Usage: Flammable
Storage conditions: Use witin one year from when sealed off and stored below 30
Complies with the Japanese Food Sanitation Law.

TRIME Use Actual Result

Total floor area : 432.225 ( As of September, 2003 )

TRIME Examples

Click each photo to see bigger samples applied by TRIME

TRIME Example 1
TRIME Example 1

Example 1

Super Brand City

Material: limestone
TRIME Example 2
TRIME Example 2
Shop floor
Example 2

Armani Tokyo

Material: limestone

TRIME's effect on stone

Antifouling effect test (Material: Limestone)

Method: In order to confirm the antifouling effects, four specimens, orange juice, soy sauce, coffee and olive oil were puto on the surface of stone with TRIME and without TRIME, and were left. After wiping off the stains one hour later, we observed the condition of each surface.
Antifouling effect test
With TRIME Without TRIME
Antifouling effect test
Wiped off one hour later
Wiped off one hour later
On the "With TRIME" surface, no stains remained, but on "Without TRIME" surface, stains were perceived clearly.

Absorption resistance test (Material: Sandstone)

Method: In order to confirm the absorption resistance, two specimens leave immersed in a solution of red ink, of which one was "with TRIME" and the other "without TRIME", and we observed how the solution was absorbed into stone.
Immediately after immersing
Absorption resistance test
Immediately after immersing
With TRIME Without TRIME
3 hours later
Absorption resistance test
3 hours later
With TRIME Without TRIME
Stone without TRIME absorbed the red ink up to the surface, and the other stone treated with TRIME did not absorb it at all.

This infomation may be changed without announcement beforehand on account of the improvement of the products.

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