Detergent & Protectant for
Building Stone, Metal, and FRP

Table of products
1 Classified by stains and dirt on materials
2 Classified by properties of detergent
Select from among the best of MIYAKI's superior and various products that are ready to answer your needs, based on the specific requirements.

Special detergent for tile, granite and external walls

Powerful efflorescence remover

Smear remover for stone and detergent for external walls

Coating agent for building stone and energy saving glass

Coating agent for chemical floor and wall

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling- agent for building stone

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling-agent for porous building stone

Table of products
Classified by stains and dirt on materials
Classified by properties of detergent

Selection Standards of Protectant
Executed examples & Recommended executions of work

Table of products 1 (Classified by stains and dirt on materials)

Conditions Classification by dirt and stains Product name
Penetrating from the surface to the inside Oil spots OLIVE
Water scale and rain marks PICASSO
Oozing from inside or the reverse Rust gathered on iron element of stone PICASSO
Rust gathered on structural steel and metal fittings
Leach-oozing from foundation stone
Smear-oozing from buried hinges fixed to doors OLIVE
Efflorescence and scale Efflorescence from concrete and joint mortar BEETLE
Gloss losing 1 Wear from traffic GALILEO
(For floor & wall)
2 Gloss deterioration from acid etc.

Table of products 2 (Classified by properties of detergent)

PH Product name Effects Applicable/Non-applicable
Acid PICASSO Powerful remover of dirt and soiling, effective against rust and water scale
: natural stone except the polished surfaces, tiles, ceramics, exterior wall materials free from water absorption
: metal, glass surfaces
BEETLE Removal of efflorescencee and scale from hot springs
Alkaline OLIVE Removal of oil spots
: Recommended for marking a wet condition by a compress on the work spots to remove off.


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Refer to both Tables 1 & 2 when you select products.
Read and understand the descriptions of Catalog and Applying Methods fully before handing products.
Test the detergent before applying in to the entire object and make sure if it is suitable for the material or not.

This infomation may be changed without announcement beforehand on account of the improvement of the products.

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