Detergent & Protectant for
Building Stone, Metal, and FRP

PLATON is the penetrating protecting- and antifouling- agent for marble, granite, tile and other stones. (natural clear finish) It is effective in the protection and the prevention of dirt, soil, acid, alkali.Also PLATON is waterproof sealer which you can keep stone's surface clean for last long.

Special detergent for tile, granite and external walls

Powerful efflorescence remover

Smear remover for stone and detergent for external walls

Coating agent for building stone and energy saving glass

Coating agent for chemical floor and wall

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling- agent for building stone

Penetrating protecting-& antifouling-agent for porous building stone

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Penetrating protecting- & antifouling-agent for building stone(Finish in natural tone)


4 Liter & 16 Liter Penetrating protecting- & antifouling-agent for building stone
(Finish in natural tone)

4 Liter & 16 Liter
Standard usage (No need to undercoat)
15 to 30 square meter per liter for granite & marble
6 to 10 square meter per liter forimitation stone & terrazzo
5 to 8 square meter per liter for semi-vitreous tile
6 to 10 square meter per liter for external wall tile including cement

PLATON Features

Once coated on the surface of stone, PLATON penetrates into material deeply forming an outstanding weather-resistant and water-proof layer by chemical reaction.
The excellent oil-repellence prevents stains and soiling from gathering on the surface, and daily maintenance only requires washing off with water.
Prevents water absorption by lowering the absorption rate, and prevent cracking from freezing.
Fine weatherability enables preventionform weathering, deteriorating, and efflorescence of stone.
Forms a thick and water-proof layer, which will keep rust from the surface, and protect the material for a long time.

PLATON Applications

Protection and Prevention of granite, marble, imitation stone, concrete, tile and cement from stains and dirt. Prevention of efflorescence, condensation and mildew of tile joint.
Appearance: Clear and transparent
Ingredient: Special silicone
Usage: Flammable
Storage conditions: Use witin one year from when sealed off and stored below 30
Complies with the Japanese Food Sanitation Law.

PLATON Use Actual Result

Total floor area : 1.750.625 ( As of September, 2003 )

PLATON Examples

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プラトン施工例1 Example 1

Protection and prevention of dirt for granite and marble
Applied to: Entrance hall

(Hearton Hotel)

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プラトン施工例2 Example 2

Protection and prevention of dirt for granite and marble
Applied to: Hallway

(Kyoto Miyakomesse)

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プラトン施工例3 Example 3

Protection and prevention of dirt for marble
Applied to: Entrance hall

(Ikebukuro Sunshine City Alpa)

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Example 4 Protection and prevention of dirt. (Hanshin horse racetrack) 
Example 4
Hanshin racetrack
Example 4 Before cleaning
Before cleaning
Example 4 After cleaning
After cleaning

Example 5 Protection and prevention of dirt for granite and marble.
Example 5
Edogawa Tower Hall
Example 5
Hall floor
Example 5

This infomation may be changed without announcement beforehand on account of the improvement of the products.

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